Training Courses

Brow Lamination Training


This procedure helps to achieve symmetry of eyebrows, providing desired shape and colour.  Brow Lamination allows you to create the perfect shape.  Procedure helps recover and strengthen hairs, nourishing them with natural components.

About the Course.

Training is a full day course covering:

– Discussion of the process and contra-indications.

– Brow Lamination demo treatment.

– Practical work – it’s your turn to Brow.

– Health and Safety Guidance.

– Client Care and aftercare advice.

– Advice will also be given on Marketing, pricing of the treatment, and case study guidance.

–  To gain your certificate you will need to submit 2 case studies which will need to be approved by Kerry Hoy.

You will have customer support on hand whenever you need it, you will be able to call to ask questions.

The course is accredited with ABT. 

Professional Brow Lamination Training and Kit £369 (including Kit)

Kit Includes: 1 x Composition N-1 Volume Lift, 1 x Composition N-2 Volume Fixer, Composition N-3 Nourishing Agent, Brow brush comb, and Fixing Agent. If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. 

Lash Lift Training


Training in Glam Lash Lift is a positive step in boosting your current business, or starting up a new business venture.  

Our training course costs £299 including your full starter kit, with all you need to start offering this treatment straight away. Training is a half day course covering:

  • Discussion of the process and contra-indications and anatomy of the eye.
  • The products used are shown and explained.
  • Demonstration of the Glam Lift Treatment.
  • Practical work carrying out a Glam lash Lift treatment on your model. 

Advice will also be given on marketing, pricing of the treatment, and case study guidance.

To gain your certificate you will need to submit 2 case studies.  

Elite Microblading Training


Elite Academy is regarded as one of the top and most experienced microblading training academies in the world. We provide professional microblading courses carried out at the highest level and all around the world. Our master trainers will guide you through your first steps in the microblading world, ensuring you leave with the best possible knowledge you can get. Our course is approved and fully accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) and by The Guild  in the UK.  Internationally we meet requirements of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals and the American Academy of Micro-pigmentation. The rating of our students’ success is very high and we work diligently to provide a personal training experience to all students. 

This is a 2 Day beginners course with pre study and 6 months on line study. Day 1 class room theory base. Day 2 practical based. 

for booking and further information please contact

New to Brows Beginners Course


BEGINNERS COURSE  £550 (Full day, including Mina Henna Starter Kit)

If you are fresh to the business, and want to learn everything there is to know about brows then this is the course for you. everything you need to know we will teach you. This course includes all skills in measuring, waxing, plucking and mina Henna brow colouring. With this course students must supply 3 before and after case study photographs before certification. Students work on each other (or a model if you can provide one). 

Brow Mapping and Henna Colouring Course.


Advanced Colouring Course £375 (Full day, including Mina Henna Starter Kit)

If you need to learn how to measure, ratio and design and refresh your existing skills then this course works for you including the full colouring workshop. This course has more to offer, in addition to colouring you learn measuring and waxing skills, plucking and precision scissor cutting. You will need to provide 2 before and after photo case studies for certification. This is our most popular course and well worth doing to update your measuring skills!!! Students work on each other (or a model if you can provide one) 

Henna Brow Course


Advanced Colouring Course £250 (Half a day, including Mina Henna Starter Kit) 

If you have a minimum of one and a half years experience and a recognised qualification in Brows, know how to measure and work a measuring tool, then you will only need to do the colouring course. (We will need to see your certificate). On this course we demonstrate how to colour on a model. Students then work on each other (or a model if you can bring one). With this class you get your certificate to take home with your kit and begin your Mina Henna Brow business straight away!!! 








We can accommodate one to one training and on-site training, please enquire. We like to cater for everyone. and to share experiences.


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